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Product Review: Beevive

I came across Beevive back in December because the revive keyring was kindly gifted to me as a Christmas present. My family knows me well because I was absolutely delighted with the gift. Now that it has come to spring all the bees are beginning to come out of hibernation and some are in need of assistance.

Bumblebees have always been my favourite as they are so fluffy, so it was only fitting that it was the first bee of the season that I managed to save. As I am such a big fan of this product I wanted to do a complete review so my readers can learn more about them!

What is Beevive?

Beevive is a small business co-founded by Faye and Jake who were both inspired by an encounter with a tired bee. Both Faye and Jake understand the ecological significance of bees and what role they play on the planet. Like many of the eco-warriors in this community, they felt they needed to do something to give each bee a fighting chance and continue to pollinate the earth.

Since they started their business there has been a buzz of activity (pun intended) around their social media accounts. I can say I spend a great deal of my time on Instagram watching all the videos and seeing pictures of other people using their revive kit. They have managed to create a bee revival kit but also a community committed to helping save a major part of our ecosystem.

If you aren't already following them on Instagram you really should, it’s such a positive space and always makes me smile.

“Knowing how important bees are and how dangerously they are in decline, we wanted to do something to help.”

What is the Bee rescue kit?

The bee rescue kit has a simple yet elegant design. It is a small keyring with a vile of bee sugar water inside. Simple but effective. The keyrings are typically metal and available in a range of colours including gold, black, rose gold and grey. Beevive has also made a keyring available in bamboo, taking that extra step to ensure that it is environmentally friendly.

Inside the keyring is a small glass bottle full of sugar water with a cork stopper. This design makes it easy to open and give to a hungry and tired bee. When I used mine I found that it is best to set the bottle on the floor by the bee for it to drink from. It also makes it look super cute and gives you time to watch the bee drink.

The kit can be paired with seed balls to help plant bee-friendly plants. I think this final touch really brings the whole thing together.

My Final Thoughts…

For those who love nature and love bees, this little keyring is a hidden gem. Having something like this with you on the go makes me feel like I am truly making a difference in the here and now. Being able to stop and help such an important little creature not only helps the environment, but it is a physical action that helps us to feel like we are supporting the planet.

The Beevive keyring gives you a chance to sit back and observe nature in all its beauty whilst giving a helping hand. This small keyring has honestly brought me so much joy and I look forward to being able to help a busy bee again.

The revival kit is just one small thing, but for me at least it has been a big contributor to my sustainable journey.

This product review is not an advert or a gifted review. I just love this product and wanted to share it with you all. Have you tried saving a bee yet?

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