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Product Review: And Fragrance Perfume

And Fragrance is an ethical perfume brand that supports indigenous communities as well as the environment. They specialise in making perfumes that smell great and do great things for the planet and communities. When they reach out and asked me to review their perfume I couldn’t help but say yes!

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How many perfumes do they sell?

Having recently launched a beautiful new scent, And Fragrance now offers a selection of seven different perfumes. Each perfume has been carefully developed to be powerful in scent without having a major impact on the world. They really have made a great impact from the get-go and are setting an example for how new business should consider their impact on the world. Here is a breakdown of the different perfumes that they offer.


Far is their newest perfume which was launched back in February and is my all-time favourite from their selection. It is described to have a buttery scent with hints of lime and yuzu. I can tell you this one made me feel quite nostalgic as it had a little bit of sherbert about it, taking me back to my childhood. It was sweet yet general and had a lovely youthful feel about it. Perfect for a younger person trying to find a scent that suits them.

Far is a lovely and fresh perfume, with a hint of sweetness.


Patch is a more deep and delightful scent that lasts on your skin for the whole day. They describe it as having a “sultry sass” about it. I would definitely suggest this one for someone who prefers deeper longer lasting fragrances and prefers a more mature scent. The main scent in this perfume is Patchouli.

Patch is perfect for a more mature lady, and as I prefer more sweet floral scents it wasn’t quite for me.


Mad is my other favourite of this selection. I love a sweet perfume and this Madagascan vanilla scent ticks all the boxes. It’s sweet, it’s strong, and best of all it’s ethical. What’s not to love. I have to say this one smelt very delicious to me, and I have really enjoyed wearing it. I found that it even lasted longer than 24 hours which was amazing.

I love this vanilla perfume and can’t get enough of it!


This perfume is described as having a scent that represents The Great Bear Rainforest. I can tell you it does not disappoint. It is delightfully refreshing and makes me feel very uplifted when I wear it, which might be due to its natural aroma. This perfume is a delicate and refreshing fragrance and I think this would be a perfect perfume for anyone. If you are looking to try out your first sustainable perfume I would try this one first.

Delightfully refreshing, you really can’t go wrong with Bare.


Bean is a rich complex scent making it feel luxurious and one I would wear on a special occasion. As with the other perfumes all ingredients are ethically sourced and you will find this one smelling of tonka beans and a hint of orange and lavender.

Sweet and cheerful this perfume is perfect for a fun night out!


This scent is described as being noble and slightly arcane. This one wasn’t really for me as I much prefer something lighter, however with such a selection And Fragrance really have made something for everyone. If you prefer something more fruity and fun this could be for you!

Fruity and fun, perfect for celebrations.


This perfume is particularly unique, as it has been created with Australian sandalwood. It also features hints of banana and cardamom. This scent felt more mature than I usually go for but did have some festive notes due to the use of cardamom.

This has a pleasantly nostalgic feel about it.

My thoughts overall

And Fragrance has managed to develop a wide range of scents suitable for all kinds of tastes, all with the planet at

heart. They have single-handedly managed to make the longest-lasting and full-bodied fragrances I have ever used. It really is value for money. When you shop from And Fragrance you know you are getting quality perfumes that do good things for the world. I highly recommend purchasing their sample pack to find your next favourite scent!

Thank you And Fragrance for giving me the opportunity to try your amazing perfumes.

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