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Why I Love Bamboo Bobbi!

There are many ways to become more eco-friendly these days, and we often take to our bathrooms to find out what we can swap. Swapping to a more sustainable bathroom product is an easy and effective way to help the planet. Have you thought about your loo roll?

This is something I have started to think about recently and just as I was looking into bamboo toilet rolls, Bamboo Bobbi offered to send me some of theirs to try.

Why should I swap to bamboo toilet rolls?

According to National Geographic (2010 study), 27,000 trees worldwide are wasted down the loo or at a landfill every day due to the use of virgin toilet paper. As the population increase so does this daily number meaning that we should start thinking about our use of toilet roll and what we can do to make it a better experience for our planet. Our usual "luxury" toilet rolls use virgin paper on a much larger scale leading to unnecessary deforestation. It makes you think twice about the necessity of your four-ply loo roll.

About Bamboo Bobbi

The good news is Bamboo Bobbi has already done the hard work for us!

They have created a toilet roll that is tree-free and fully biodegradable, but most importantly affordable. Bamboo Bobbi's rolls are specifically designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising on the quality, and you really can tell. From minimising the impact of heavy machinery to minimalist packaging without harmful dyes and plastics, they really have got you covered. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and its fibres make for a soft yet robust toilet paper.

Per sheet Bamboo Bobbi toilet paper emissions are 0.66 gCO2e over other bamboo brands such as Cheeky Panda which is 0.69 gCO2e.

In my experience with this brand, they really have got the loo roll experience nailed. The paper really is as they describe and because it is more robust it actually lasts far longer than you expect. It is nice and soft as promised, and I think when swapping to a more ecofriendly toilet roll this is what most people are concerned about. I am now a big fan of bamboo loo roll but especially Bamboo Bobbi as they are dedicated to making their product user friendly and planet-friendly. One thing I love about Bamboo Bobbi is the bamboo and pandas they have on each sheet of loo roll. I can't explain why, I just really liked this touch.

Now having used several loo rolls I can defiantly say I am converted bamboo toilet paper. I highly recommended that you check out Bamboo Bobbi if you are looking for your next eco swap because this could be it! This swap is so easy to do and so effective as well. Let save some trees and think more carefully about what we use to wipe our behinds.

How can I get some?

You can buy their 48 pack now on Amazon for £28.99 (£0.60 per roll!!!)

Follow them-

Facebook: @BambooBobbi

Instagram: @bamboobobbi

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