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Let's Have a Coffee!

Let's talk about coffee and sustainability. There are some habits that you can break but with 95 million cups consumed per day in the UK alone, our morning cup of coffee isn't one of them! So, how does coffee impact our lives and how can we be more sustainable by being more coffee conscious?

According to The British Coffee Association, coffee is the most popular drink world wide. The global coffee market has become vastly important socially, culturally and economically, with some estimates projecting the global coffee market to be worth nearly $135 billion by 2024. This means that environmental issues linked with coffee are not going to be solved anytime soon. However, a step in the right direction is to start being more conscious of our coffee choices!

The production of coffee grounds is the most concerning aspect when looking at the environmental impact of coffee. This is mostly due to the recent surge in popularity of coffee, leading to farming processes becoming more problematic and unsustainable. The sustainability issues we face with traditional farming are occurring in the coffee industry as well.

What can we do about it? Currently, some big coffee companies are doing the hard part for us! They are looking at the entire supply chain to see where the most damage is being done. So, when you are next purchasing your coffee, have a good read of the packaging to see what they are doing to be more environmentally conscious. Another thing you can do is try a milk substitute which is plant based. It's easy to forget that milk tends to go hand in hand with coffee. The dairy industry impacts the environment in various ways, such as encroaching on natural resources as well as being a large contributor to the production of green house gases (Namely in the form of cows farting and burping all the way to the milking parlour, amongst others).

Companies such as The British Coffee Association are taking these into account and making pledges to make coffee as sustainable as possible. These companies are taking it seriously and seeking to minimise the carbon footprint of coffee production and improving the infrastructure of the coffee industry.

So, what can you do? Make yourself aware of the options available. Give the coffee you usually buy a good read and maybe even research the brand to see what they are doing. Try something new! I know some people can be very particular about their coffee (I am the same way about tea) but if you are up for a change on your next shop have a look and see what sustainable brands are in your local super market. Trying a milk substitute every now and again can really help, you might even find that you are a fan of almond milk or maybe coconut milk! It doesn't need to be all of the time, but occasionally a swap to a plant based milk can do wonders for the environment. The cartons tend to be recyclable too.

When you are shopping with sustainability in mind you are putting your eco-friendly habits into practise. As coffee tends to be a household staple, if you can make a swap to a more sustainable brand this will be beneficial for our lovely planet. Lets use our hard earned cash to support businesses who are trying to make a difference!

Let me know what your favourite sustainable coffee brand is and if you have tried a plant based milk alternative?

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