Product Reviews

Here you can find reviews of products I have tried and tested. You can guarantee that my reviews are honest and reliable. Written to help find the next sustainable swap that suits you!


Bamboo Bobbi


In my experience with this brand, they really have got the loo roll experience nailed. Per sheet Bamboo Bobbi toilet paper emissions are 0.66 gCO2e over other bamboo brands such as Cheeky Panda which is 0.69 gCO2e.


Mind Divine


All of Mind Divine’s range of winter accessories is designed to seamlessly go with any winter items you already own. Meaning that you're not stuck with a neon pink bobble hat you will never wear! I love Mind Divine for its classy simplistic fashion because I know it will work with my wardrobe and with my values.


PriPri Etsy Store


“I try to make sure nothing is wasted, especially when there’s so much fast fashion that goes to landfill. Every piece is hand-finished to a high standard, which means they really embody that satisfaction you get.”.


re:treat Apothecary Natural Deodorant


Until this year I have pretty much only used store-bought deodorants and never had a second thought about it. Especially after plastic-free July, I started to take a look at what I was using and how to reduce my plastic consumption and finding natural and plastic-free deodorants is a really easy way to do that


The Dirty Old Goat Soap co.


I love this goat soap! Swapping to soap bars is an essential sustainable swap and one of the first steps to zero-waste living. Read on to find out why I love goat soap and what my experience has been like.

QA Bamboo pic 1.jpg

QA Bamboo Straws


Find out why bamboo straws can help reduce a major part of our plastic waste and pollution.