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What can I do for Plastic Free July. Part 2.

This month is 'Plastic Free July'! If you are beginning your journey of being more sustainable, this month is a perfect time to start and to set your self some goals. These goals don't need to be ridding your home of every single use plastic item you see, but rather looking at what you really need and making practical changes to your life style. The phrase 'plastic free' can sound quite daunting, but you can make it manageable for you.

Rather than getting rid of anything you feel is a sinful plastic this month, just do your very best to not gather anymore. One of the bad habits of trying to be more sustainable is buying any new eco products you think you need. The reality is you are still adding to the consumerist problem by doing this. One of the best things you can do is to re-use as much as possible until you need replace. Take a look at what you already have and make use of it! If you are like me, in the corner of your cupboard is a stash of old take away boxes that will be useful 'at some point'. Dig them out and use them to take lunch to work, on a picnic, or even just to store leftovers from last night's curry. It helps so much to reuse the things you already have!

Try not to throw them away, this goes for food as well. This doesn't mean eat it if it's gone bad, but rather look into getting or making your self a compost bin. This helps prevent excess food from going to landfill. You might even find that developing the habit of reusing household items throughout July will save you money.

If you do find yourself needing something new, which can tend to be hygiene related products, why not go for a shampoo bar or bar of soap for a change. They do the same but aren't covered in plastic (unless they are and then I suggest opting for something in a tin or cardboard box). In the end 'Plastic Free July' is a good starting point for making your habits more eco friendly. Developing these habits is the most important difference you can make to the planet on the day to day.

Let me know in the comments what will you be doing for Plastic Free July!

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