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Sustainable fashion- Alpaca wool

Did you know that Alpaca wool is considered one of the most sustainable sources of natural wool? Alpaca’s are one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world and people have been wearing and using their wool for hundreds of years. By buying products made from alpaca wool you are likely to be supporting smallholders in countries such as Peru, as well as supporting Country’s indigenous populations.

Why are Alpaca’s an eco-friendly source of wool? The shearing process of alpacas means that every year one alpaca will yield 4-5 sweaters worth of wool. This means that wool products are often the main source of income for small farmers so they will focus on the welfare of their animals leading to a long and happy life (15-20 years). Alpacas are gentle creatures and even as they graze they pose no threat to the environment as we see in many forms of cattle farming these days.

They roam freely in the highlands of Peru and their soft padded feet mean that the soil is not damaged and ecosystems remain intact. Even the way these cuties nibble at grass is eco-friendly as they don’t destroy the roots of plants or rip out large clumps of grass. All I can say is they have better table manners than many humans! As these beauties flourish on natural plants as they graze, there is no need for added fertilisers or pesticides.

Before we even look into the impact of synthetic fibres over natural fibres Alpaca wool is looking like a good alternative to me! Synthetic fibres, which are made to mimic natural wools, are one of the main contributors to plastic pollution in our oceans. When you buy fast fashion clothes made of nylon or polyester these microfibres escape every time you wash your clothes.

That’s why I was delighted to be gifted an alpaca wool hat from Mind Divine this winter. Over the years it has been getting increasingly chilly in the UK and bundling up is a must. Having a wardrobe winter staple like their “MIDNIGHT INTERWOVEN ALPACA BEANIE” means I know I will be making a positive impact on the planet. I know many people think natural wool is itchy and unpleasant but if you haven’t tried alpaca wool you must! I would say it is mildly tickly rather than itchy and irritating like many other types of wool. But oh so cosy and comfortable! All of Mind Divine’s range of winter accessories is designed to seamlessly go with any winter items you already own. Meaning that you're not stuck with a neon pink bobble hat you will never wear! I love Mind Divine for their classy simplistic fashion because I know it will work with my wardrobe and with my values.

Many of Mind Divine’s products are hand-made including my lovely new hat. This is something I particularly love about this product, it’s natural and hand produce so you don’t have to worry about it having a sizable carbon footprint like many mass-produced items of clothing.

If you like the sound of Alpaca wool products go and check out Mind Divine to see what more they have to offer! Why not read their beginners guide to sustainable fashion. I am sure you will love it just as much as me!

Find them on Instagram: @minddivine.shop

Website link: Mind Divine

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