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Slowing down Fast Fashion!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

"Recently, some of the world’s leading brands – Prada among them – signed up to a “Fashion Pact” committing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by mid-century. " (National Geographic, Johnny Langenheim).

The speed of fashion only seems to be getting faster, and the cheapness of fashion shows not only in the price but also in the quality. But rather than going for quality over quantity, we are now living in a society where people only want quantity and frequently have 'nothing to wear'. In reality, they have a wardrobe so full that you have to hang items on the outside. I for one have been guilty of this in the past and am striving to have a more minimalist approach to my wardrobe content. The amount of clothing bought in the EU has increased by 40% in the last decade, and fabric and garment waste is a major contributor to environmental pollution.

In the past, people used what they had until it had holes or rips, patched them up and used them again until they absolutely cannot. This is because the clothing was designed to last. However, now clothing almost seems like its made NOT to last in order to get you to keep buying more. It seems like there is no point in repairing the items you have and no need to make your own either because quite frankly why would you when you can get it from Primark for £4. But its the attitude of 'oh I only need it for this summer' that is causing so much trouble for the environment. Changing your attitude towards the things you already own is essential in slowing down fast fashion and the rate that society consumes non-essential products.

Buying second hand, repurposing and buying things designed to last is the best we can do to counter fast fashion and begin to slow it down. Apricating what you have is important. As is recognising that you do actually have something to wear, the fun comes with finding different ways to style it. So as august comes to an end so will summer and before we know it the autumn clothing lines will be being released. The truth is you already have your autumn style in your own wardrobe! Why not try 'shopping your closet'! Why not take a fresh perspective on what you own and see what new combinations you can make. If you have done a recent wardrobe purge as I have, rather than scrolling through Instagram why not check out what's on Depop. Our style and body shapes change all the time, but the environment doesn't need to take a hit when you are trying to figure out what suits you. You can buy a whole practically new wardrobe, even vintage, by shopping second hand on sites like Depop. Charity shops are another great way to have fun figuring out what your style is and usually, they are fairly reasonably priced. Some of my favourite clothes have come from charity shops. So while we're waiting for the big brands to take action and change the way they approach to fashion and make it more ethically produced (on all accounts), start shopping second hand! Shop your own wardrobe! Discover your style at a cheaper cost to you and reducing the cost to the environment.

Shopping second hand is an excellent way to start your sustainable journey! By shopping second hand you are becoming a conscious consumer, and if you are finding other sustainable swaps don't suit you this one just might! I love shopping second had and will continue to find my style this way while fighting fast fashion.

Keep an eye on our blog to find other ways to fight fast fashion and for more tips and tricks!

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