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September Eco Favourites

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This month I only have four eco favourites for you, this is because I finally have a nice selection of things which are working for my skincare wise and deodorant for example. I only try out new products once I have finished using or ran out of something else. I am also fairly new to the eco-product world as I am sure many of you reading this are, so it takes time to work through your old things before you get to try the exciting new eco products. I never want to waste anything, so there is no point me ditching my plastic toothbrush that still has plenty of use in it or my non-natural toner just because I fancy one that is eco-friendly. You already have it, so you might as well use it until you can't right? The most sustainable option is to use what you already have before buying something else. Having said that there are a few items I tried this month and absolutely love so wanted to share them with you!

1) Dr Paw Paw lip and cheek balm.

This product is an entirely new concept for me! I am not someone who wears makeup much at all. I only really wear mascara and a bit of liquid eyeliner or tinted lip balm if I am feeling fancy that day. This is mostly because I am lazy and I don't know what to do with makeup that will suit my face, however, I have been thinking for some time that I wanted a cream blush or multi-lip and cheek stick. This balm by Dr Paw Paw suits me perfectly because it is the tinted lip balm that I know I already love, that also doubles up as a cream cheek tint. It is very subtle and I think it suits me well and is quite to apply. The only downside is that it does give me some small breakouts but I think that is due to me being a bit slack with my skin routine. I will give this a 4 out of 5! Only 4 because if the breakouts so if this changes I will edit my blog and make it a 5. Definitely worth a go! Check it out here.

2) Eco egg stain remover.

This might seem like a strange one to put on favourites but I will tell you why. It works! It really works, and better than any other stain remover that has harsh chemicals that I have ever used. I must give the credit to my Mum for finding this one as she bought it along with her eco egg. I found that using my natural deodorants has left some marks on the underarms of my white tops. Usually, this takes quite a few treatments to get out in the wash. But first, try and it was good as new. The same thing for dirt patches on my lavender coloured jumper. I highly recommend these products! Solid 5 out of 5! Click here to check it out as it is currently on sale.

3) Geranium Soap bar by The Dirty Old Goat Soap.

I have already written a review on this soap because I was lucky enough to be gifted it to try. I absolutely loved it and what it has done for my skin. I loved it so much in fact when I saw that they have released a Christmas scent soap just the other day I couldn't resist getting one (and maybe a cheeky shampoo bar to try out as well shh...). I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin. 5 out of 5. Check out the geranium soap here, Golden Frankincense & Myrrh soap here (if you want to try it along with me), and the shampoo bar here too.

4) Nuddy Shampoo bar.

I recently swapped to using this shampoo bar after using the ginger shampoo from the body shop. I have found for continuous washing it is just a bit too zingy for my scalp (still love it mind you). So I set out to find a plastic-free shampoo bar that also is quite conditioning. This does precisely that and smells divine! so far so good but I will do a full review after I have used the whole bar. So far 3.5 out of 5. It is lovely but it is very pricy so It is a bit lower rating because of that. check it out here.

What products did you try in September? Is there anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments.

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