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Product Review: The Dirty Old Goat Soap co.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Today I am introducing The Dirty Old Goat Soap company and reviewing my experience of their unique plastic-free soaps. Firstly I should say that I was very lucky to be gifted these soaps, much to my excitement. I was gifted both the lavender and geranium soap. I am yet to get around to the lavender because quite frankly it smells so divine I am reluctant to use it up just yet. I am a lover of floral scents essential oil-based scents so these two are well suited to me.

So what makes these soaps unique? I initially was attracted to this company because of the inclusion and involvement of their goats, and that they are referred to as staff of the website. I found it very endearing that Tracy (the ow

ner) gives such credit to her goats and that the whole business is very much centred around them. Think it is well worth giving her about page a read because it's a great story and has a lovely introduction to her goats! But what makes the actual soap bars unique compared to standard supermarket soap is the use of goats milk and its benefits as a natural ingredient. Mass-produced soap bars can have synthetic additives which actually irritates and dries out your skin, whereas the goat's milk has natural property's which removes dea

d skin gently and contains vitamins which repair and soothes damaged skin. As a redhead, I have very sensitive skin which I often find is prone to drying out, razor rash/burn and eczema breakouts so this really appealed to me. It is also supposed to be good for psoriasis and dermatitis and other skin irritations.

So given what it is supposed to do what was my experience? Honestly, I LOVE it! The geranium bar has such a delicious rosy scent and when it lathers up (which it does very well) it feel luxurious on your skin. I can tell that is very natural and my skin has felt a lot softer since using it. I don't know about you but I figured a soap bar is just soap so I have been using it in

the shower and after I have shaved. I have been experiencing some razor burn on my underarms (which is pretty typical for me because of my sensitive skin) but it soothed it right away. I didn't expect it to be this effective and I am very surprised.

The downside I experienced using this product might just be my own fault. I am fairly new to using soap bars rather than shower gels and didn't have a soap dish when I did find one we had somewhere in the house it didn't have any drainage. After leaving it in this dish with a lid I was horrified to find that much of the soap bar has dissolved in a small puddle of water because I left it in the shower. So my only problem with it was that it seemed to be used up quite quic

kly. I can almost guarantee that its because I was effectively storing it in a puddle of water. So when I use the lavender bar I will not be making the same mistake.

In a nutshell here are my thoughts:


* Smells divine and holds its scent even after many uses.

* Feel luxurious on your skin.

* Has good bene

fits for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin.

* Plastic-free packaging.

* Brand has animal welfare at the heart of what they do.

* Cruelty-free (only tested on Tracy's husband)


*Uses up fairly quickly

* It isn't vegan f


In conclusion, I absolutely love this soap and what the brand is about and would definably recommend It. It might even be making it into my September Eco Favourites blog at the end of the month. If you are interested in having a browse I know that they also sell shampoo bars which intrigues me. I will leave the link below! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this soap and what you think?

Check out the shop here:


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