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Product Review: re:treat Apothecary Natural Deodorant

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

"Ladies don't sweat, we sparkle" is a phrase that used to be joked about in my fitness class (the distant past before lockdown ) and it made me more comfortable with talking about perspiration. I am new to the natural deodorant world and it has been a sustainable swap I am a bit nervous about. Until this year I have pretty much only used store-bought deodorants and never had a second thought about it. Especially after plastic-free July, I started to take a look at what I was using and how to reduce my plastic consumption and finding natural and plastic-free deodorants is a really easy way to do that. But I am someone who relies on a deodorant that works because even though we joke about sparkling, no one wants to be caught out feeling sweaty and all that comes with it. This is something I have been self-conscious about for years and only just found a deodorant that worked for me, so when swapping to a natural one I couldn't help but think it wasn't going to work. Honestly going natural has been the best decision I have ever made for my underarms! In general, I have found that using natural products on my skin or hair has been so much better, but especially for my underarms.

I found when I was using unnatural deodorants that I had to apply a lot and it was harsh on my skin. Since being gifted and trying re:treat Apothecary deodorant I have noticed how a little goes a long way when it's natural and it really works! Blended with patchouli and geranium or lavender and tea tree essential oils it really holds it's scent for hours and the essential oils soothing properties mean that I had no irritation even if I am suffering from razor burn. It is advised that you only need a pea's size and that you massage I into your pits until it melts. I have found that as I 'sparkle' a bit more than others I need to use a little more and maybe twice a day if I have been active (like after a long shift at work). But even so, these mini tins seem to last forever! They are perfect to carry around with you if you think you might need a top-up throughout the day or go to the gym. I leave mine at my boyfriend's house so I know I always have a back up at his without taking up loads of space.

So what kinds of ingredients make up a natural deodorant? According to re:treat Apothecary "This Natural Deodorant combines organic virgin coconut oil, arrowroot and bicarbonate of soda to provide effective deodorant protection, gently and naturally.". If like me you are trying to swap what you use on your skin to be more natural and organic where possible this deodorant is perfect for you. They are also completely plastic-free and affordable. If you are looking to see if natural deodorants work for you definitely give re:treat Apothecary a try. I would highly recommend their Patchouli & Geranium scented ones (I love a good floral scent). As I like to keep my reviews honest I will say on the occasion I found it difficult to get into the tin and had to ask for help (like when I can't open jars by my self) I think it was because I got some of the deodorants in the grooves and closed the lid too tight. But I wouldn't let that get in the way of actually giving this deodorant the credit it deserves especially as it is hand made and fully natural. If you are looking to find a deodorant that is natural and works for you I would recommend that you start with re:treat Apothecary!

In a nutshell:


*organic and vegan

*palm free and aluminium free

*Plastic-free and recyclable

*planet friendly

* IT actually works!

*Smells really good

*soothes your skin

*Hand made

*Great for travel


*Melts if it gets quite warm

*lid might get stuck if you get deodorant in the grooves of the tin.

Overall I would totally recommend this product. I will leave the website and social media bellow for you to check the out!

Instagram: @retreataberdeenshire

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