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Getting To Know: Our Planet Zero Waste

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This week I would like to introduce you to Our Planet Zero Waste which is a mobile zero waste store local to Wimborne. The journey of Our Planet Zero Waste began back in 2019 when Laurraine (the creator and owner of this wonderful store) realised as much we might like it to be, recycling our plastic just isn’t enough. Laurraine realised that what our local village needed was a zero-waste store and soon enough Olive was born (Olive being the name she has given to her mobile store). Ingeniously fitted with old pallets to give it a homey and cosy vibe, Our Planet Zero Waste has all your plastic-free needs. From organic flour and coffee to bamboo toothbrushes and locally produced soap it really does have it all. Laurraine has always been someone who buys organic and plastic-free veg and is even an advocate, like me, of growing your own and becoming as self-sufficient as possible. Even though we have all been aware of the need for recycling the reality is as a community we need to take that extra step in reducing our plastic consumption and waste. Our Planet Zero Waste is here to help! Check out their selection of products here.

I have found that visiting Laurraine and Olive every few weeks has really helped me on my sustainable journey. Not only by finding plastic-free swaps but also for advice and encouragement. When I asked her if she ever finds it hard to stick to this low/ zero waste lifestyle she said: “It can be hard sometimes, especially when you have to shop in different stores, there are just some cases that you can’t find what you need not packaged in plastic!”. But it is important that you never let this get you down. We once had a conversation about me having ‘eco-anxiety’ about not doing enough for the environment. Laurraine reminded me that everything we do has an impact even if it seems small. We should be proud that we are making a difference rather than beating our self-up for not doing enough. So what advice and recommendations does Laurraine have for people aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle? Start small by thinking about what plastic-free household refills you can find. This might be washing up liquid, pasta, fruit and even crisps. Just try and think of an alternative to something you use that is normally in plastic and ask you self “do you really need it”? For Laurraine reducing plastic consumption and living more sustainably has made her life feel positive and even makes her family think a little more as well.

Interestingly one piece of advice she gave me was to join a zero waste group on social media. They are always happy to share useful information to help you on your journey. I have found that the eco-community is such a positive place and I encourage you to do this as well. I have also found that just shopping for products from her store has introduced me to many people on the same journey and we share ideas as well as good tips and tricks. Our Planet Zero Waste not only helps our community become more eco-friendly but also helps to create a local eco-friendly community! The amount of people who shop from her has increased since lockdown (to begin with for flour after the strange flour shortage undoubtedly due to the many banana bread being baked). What’s popular at Our Planet Zero Waste? Jumbo Oats as Super Muesli but this depends on the van stops and customer preference. Laurraine’s favourite product to sell is the locally produced shampoo and soap bars made by Lytchett Bay Soaps. These are one of her tried and tested favourite products. Finally, what is here number one recommended starter swap? Swapping from washing up liquid to a dish soap bar! I have given this a try and recommend it.

I hope you go and check out Our Planet Zero Waste and start your plastic-free journey. Laurraine has added so much to our local community and I am excited every week to see what else she has in store. She has inspired me to live more positively with the environment but also to take the pressure off my self and enjoy the journey! She truly is inspiring, as a businesswoman but also for creating a community that we are lucky to have. So go and check her out!

You can find Our Planet Zero Waste:

Instagram: @ourplanetzerowaste

Facebook: @ourplanetzerowaste

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