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Eco-friendly Gardening: Windowsill Gardening

Why should you consider growing vegetables and herbs from home?

Produce grown at home is better for your health compared to store-bought produce, but also better for the environment. Growing your greens at home is a sustainable way to source your food. It takes the pressure off the global food systems and lessens your carbon footprint. Transportation has many different costs, not just financial but also environmental. This is due to the vast amount of energy produced by fossil fuels to deliver fresh produce across the country (or even the world). This is why shopping from local greengrocers rather than superstores will not only help you reduce your plastic waste but the unseen cost of the carbon footprint produced by transportation.

A fantastic way to take an extra step in the right direction is to start growing your greens at home! Growing at home means you automatically know have access to organic vegetables and fruit, but also helping to benefit the ecosystems around your home. Mass farming leads to monocropping and biodiversity loss, which is why you growing some cucumbers in your backyard will really make a difference. Even if it is small every step matters and every step helps!

If you have a large amount of gardening space and you are eager to start growing this spring check out the blog we have about planning your spring garden to help give you some inspiration.

If you only have a small space or you are not quite ready to get yourself into the full swing of vegetable gardening why not try out a Kitchen Garden. Growing something fresh at home is a fantastic way to know that you really are making a difference to the planet.

Indoor Windowsill Garden

What is a Kitchen Garden? "A kitchen garden is developed more as a key component of creating a healthier lifestyle than for huge harvests ". This can commonly be a small outdoor area with raised beds filled with plants that will provide you with a small amount of produce throughout the year which you will regularly use. However, you can have an indoor version of this kind of garden. These are often referred to as windowsill garden.

This makes it even more manageable for anyone because it is designed to be small scale gardening. If you have a windowsill in your kitchen this a perfect place to start, but it can be anywhere in your home. An indoor or windowsill garden is perfect for anyone so let's get started.

Garden ideas:

  • Windowsill Herbs: I would suggest starting with 1-3 herbs which you regularly use or buy from the shops. This could be basil, thyme, parsley, coriander or even dill. This not only becomes a useful cooking resource in your kitchen but also brightens things up and brings a splash of life to the room. You may like to use a self-watering planter for this if you are someone who feels they can't keep their plants alive. Or a stylish three-piece terracotta pot set would look lovely as well. Whatever works for you!

  • Micro-Greens: Growing microgreens is yet another way to keep a little garden indoors which will supply you with very nutritious food. But as the name suggests on a much smaller scale. Microgreens are greens grown on a small scale and harvested just after they have produced shoots with true leaves. They are harvested when they are just about three inches tall. I love growing microgreens and as they are quick to grow and full of flavour and nutrients. They make a perfect addition to salads and other dishes.

  • Sprouts: Sprouts are not grown in a medium and germinated in water to spread up the growing process. After initially germination they are kept on a tray, in a jar or even a container typically for sprouts. Once the seed has sprouted it's ready to eat, seeds and all.

  • Shoots: Shoots are slightly different from Micro-greens but have a similar concept. Shoots are harvested before the leaves appear making them quicker to grow, but they are harvested in the same way as microgreens.

  • Pea shoots: Growing peas on a windowsill can be pretty as well as functional. Growing a multitude of pea plants to harvest before they have grown into a full plant. This is a great way to grow your own pea shoot salad and cut out plastic but also fairly easy.

There are many ways to grow greens on a small scale and it can be fun and quite rewarding. I have spent some time over the last year giving this a go and I have especially enjoyed growing micro greens and pea shoots. I highly recommend it especially as this spring has been particularly cold and not so plant friendly. Good luck everyone!

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