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Complete Guide to Sustainable living in 2022

In this article, you will find all the basics you need to know about sustainable living to help you start your journey. This will be an overview to help identify things that you might be able to change in your own life.

Here at Practical Green Life, we want to make it easy for you to find the manageable changes you think will work for you. We don't need to be perfect in our journey to sustainable living, we all just need to take one step. Here are the top 7 things in your life you can change to be more eco-friendly.

What is Sustainable Living?

First off, what does sustainable living actually mean? Wikipedia explains that sustainable living refers to a persons attempt to reduce their consumption of the earth natural resources. When people do this in an extreme way, they tend to live off the grid being fully self-sufficient.

For most people, this is impossible and can make the idea of trying to live sustainably too difficult. But the reality is if we all do a little bit to limit our consumption of natural resources it will go a long way.

For me, sustainable living means thinking about your actions, your habits and your general lifestyle and seeing what improvements you can make. It can be one major change or a few little changes.

Why should I live more sustainably?

There are many reasons to live a more planet-friendly lifestyle. The main reason is that we are rapidly working through our natural resources and causing destruction to the earth natural system.

If we don't start making small changes to our lifestyles now, it could be too late. Global warming isn't just a climate crisis but also one for humanity. The truth is we want to be living comfortably for as long as possible. To make that happen we need to start appreciating the natural world and taking care of it.

One step at a time is enough to make meaningful change.

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What Are The Top Things to consider?

Some of the top things to consider changing in your life are your energy, your food, how you dispose of your rubbish, your clothes and more. Here I will list the top 7 things you should consider on your journey to sustainability.

1. Renewable Energy

Swapping to renewable sources of energy will make a huge difference. The way we take fossil fuels from the earth such as coal mining, oil drilling and drilling for gas, is incredibly destructive.

The main benefits of renewable energy are the fact that they are renewable, and are not as destructive as fossil fuels. It is a clean way for us to create power.

Renewable sources of energy such as solar panels and wind farms provide us with power without pollutants. This makes the earth a healthier and happier place to live. If you can find an energy supplier that will provide energy from a renewable source this is a major step in the right direction.

2. Recycling

Recycling your rubbish helps to reduce the waste that inevitably goes to landfills or right into the ocean. Landfill sites are where we send most of our rubbish without a second thought. But that's where our waste starts to produce polluting gases and acid chemicals.

Recycling gives items and packaging a second chance to be useful and prevents them from polluting natural landscapes.

The best thing to do is reduce your rubbish altogether and try and reuse what you can. It can be hard to avoid, we often find ourselves binning packaging from food or household goods. When you go shopping try an avoid packaged goods and pick alternatives like loose veg.

If the only thing you can manage is to make an effort to recycle plastic and paper, and to buy products made from recycled materials. That is a big step in the right direction. Every effort you make contributes to a happier and healthier earth.

3. Food

As food is one of the main items we consume, it's no surprise that changing what you eat has an impact on the planet. There are many different things you can do.

Try reducing the meat and fish in your diet or swapping to plastic-free produce. When you go shopping, try to buy food from local suppliers and farmers to help reduce the hidden carbon footprint which is added to transport. Try making meals from scratch rather than buying ready meals with lots of plastic waste.

You can even try growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home. You only need a sunny windowsill to grow herbs. It can be very rewarding as well as tasty.

The possibilities are endless and they really do make a difference. Changing the elements of your diet is one of the easiest sustainable lifestyle changes you can make.

4. Clothing

Swapping to slow fashion is another great way to make a positive step in the right direction. Slow fashion prevents garments from going to waste and ending up in landfills.

The lifespan of clothing has been reduced to just over 2 years of wear before they are thrown away. By thrifting your clothes or buying items designed to last you are stopping unnecessary waste and pollution.

These days thrifting is incredibly convenient, with online stores as well as apps like Depop, Shpock and Vinted. Facebook marketplace is another great option for thrifting clothes.

Don't forget about eBay, where you can find some amazing hidden gems.

It's that easy!

5. Technology

There is no surprise that you can make a difference with the types of technology you use and invest in. The best types of eco-friendly technology tend to be electric and powered by renewable energy. This means using products powered by solar or swapping to an electric car.

But there are less expensive options and options that are easier to change and incorporate into your lifestyle. For example, when you are in need of a new phone or laptop you can opt for one that is refurbished.

Swapping to a refurbished product means you can still have an up to date phone but you know that it's not going to be ditched and wasted. Using refurbished products extends the life of technological devices.

Just like the clothing we have a lot of fast "fashion" tech. Give an older iPhone a second chance buy purchase a refurbished one. The likely hood is that you will save a lot more money as well!

That's what I have done with my current blogging and work from a home laptop. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

6. Transportation

Changing your means of transportation is a super-easy way to be more eco-friendly. While we all might want to drive an electric car to work or even simply work from home to cut out the commute, it's not an option for many people.

If you are able to take a bus, train or carpool with another colleague you are helping to reduce travel emissions. An ideal option would be to cycle or walk to work. Some people have invested in electric bikes to help make getting about even easier.

If you can, try changing your means of transportation, even if means cycling to work once a week. Even the little things make a difference!


If you can do just one of these 6 points we are one step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle. We need to make some serious changes in the way will live, and how we view our relationship with the planet. Start your own sustainability journey in your own way.

Leave a comment about what you decide to do!

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