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August Eco Favourites

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Deciding on my eco favourites for August was a lot more difficult than July. Since July was a plastic-free month I made quite a few swaps that month and stuck to them, which means I didn't try so many new things this month. However, the ones I did try I absolutely loved. So what are my August favourites?

1) FFS Shave Balm: This a cruelty-free after shave balm made with a manuka honey, almond oil &cocoa butter. My god, this smells like heaven! I have always had an issue with razor burn and this has not only solved the problem but also makes me feel like I have has a day at the spa! My skin is so soft and nourished. The packaging is also completely sustainable and eco-friendly and believe me I check. This is a 5 out of 5.


2) FFS razor: The razor they sell is by far the best I have ever used. I am not ready to swap to using a safety razor as they seem very intimidating so this razor suits me perfectly. Like many other razors, you just swap out the head every time and keep the same handle, however, the difference with this brand is that you send the blades back to them. They are specially designed to be recycled and minimalize waste. I would give this razor a 4 out of 5.


3) Magic Organic Apothecary (MOA) Green Balm daily cleansing ritual: This green balm is designed to be multipurpose and suitable for helping stop itching, treat eczema, scratches mosquito bites and many many more. But this particular set is designed to be a skincare regime that contains carefully selected botanical ingredients and is completely cruelty-free. I originally bought this to help with red patches and eczema on my face as a result of using facemasks. But it has recently become the only cleanser I will use to take off my make up. I previously cleaned my face with it just at night as its quite moisturising but now that autumn is on its way I have noticed my skin feels a lot dryer and this is doing the trick for keeping it oil-free and moisturised after a morning cleanse! I will say though it is quite pricy for what it is, a little goes a long way and it really does work. It is an extremely versatile product and was very nearly my top favourite but I still rate this a 5 out of 5.


4) MOA bamboo face cloth: This quite a simple one but I absolutely love the MOA bamboo cloth that comes in the daily ritual kit. It is super soft and is really good at helping to remove makeup or other oils from your face without being abrasive which other face clothes can be. Bamboo fabrics also have antibacterial properties and I genuinely have noticed it make a difference to the redness and breakouts I usually have on my face. Again I love MOA products so this is a 5 out of 5.


5) DW home coconut wax blend candle (Ginger tea and lemon): This candle is a coconut wax blend and was a pretty good price given the size (£6) but I can't link this one as it was a reduced Item from TK Maxx. The jar has a lid and is made of glass and completely reusable and the smell of the actual candle is lovely. It is going to last ages and I am so happy with it. This one is a 4 out of 5.

6) Finally my metal straw from Our Planet Zero Waste: This metal straw has been a simple and small sustainable swap I made last month but I have loved it! I am someone who never remembers to drink enough water and I have found while it was so hot in August this simple metal straw made hydrating so much easier. I love shopping at my local zero waste store and Our Planet Zero Waste offers far more than just metal straws, but this simple product brought me lost of joy in the summer heat. I would give it a 4 out of 5


Is there anything here you think you would try? Comment below and let me know.

P.S here is a nice pic of my gigantic candle for you as well.

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