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7 Best Eco-friendly Valentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine is just around the corner! If you are like me and love getting lovey-dovey and romantic this is one of the best times of the year. I have been lucky enough to spend valentines day with a partner for the last few years, but before I found my other half I used to do a friend-anniversary with my single friends.

Strangely enough, I find it easier to buy gifts for my friend on Valentine than I do for my boyfriend. So, I am writing this article to help give you shopping inspiration for the special day. Here is a list of the top eco-friendly valentines gift idea's.

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1. Eco-friendly Candles

Candles make a classic and romantic valentine's gift. A candle can make any mood feel romantic, cosy or sensual. Depending on the scent, you can create any atmosphere you want. Rose and jasmine scents are said to spice things up as a kind of aphrodisiac. But some people prefer more musky neutral scents like sandalwood. Either way, a candle can make things extra romantic on this special day.

If you can find a plastic-free candle made using essential oils and eco-friendly waxes, this would make an ideal Eco-friendly valentines gift. The benefit of using eco-friendly wax-like coconut wax or soy wax is that they tend to hold the scent of essential oil but better. As it burns you get a more gradual release of perfume.

2. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers might seem like an odd idea, but they can be really beautiful. They last forever as they don't wilt or require water like normal cut flowers.

If your partner is an artistic type, they are likely to really appreciate this kind of gift. You can either make your own or buy them from hand-made sellers on Etsy. Etsy sellers are extremely creative and you can buy full bouquets for the same price as a fresh one if not cheaper.

3. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have become an Instagram and Pinterest staple as they have a classic beauty. Opting for a bouquet of dried flowers on valentines day means your valentine can admire them forever. They require little to no maintenance, and if you find the right stems they will still be vibrant in colour.

4. Planet Friendly Perfume

Another classic valentines gift is perfume. Just like with many other products these days you can easily find a planet-friendly perfume. In my experience the quality of these perfumes are excellent and the scents last for ages.

The benefit of buying a planet-friendly perfume is that you can still buy a classic and quality gift for your loved one, without costing the planet. Some of my favourite brands are Floral Street, And Fragrance, and Lush.

5. Lush Gift sets

You can't go wrong with a lush gift set. That goes for any occasion, Valentine's, Christmas or a birthday. The lush gift sets are useful as well as luxurious.

I think a classic bath bomb or bubble bath would suit valentine's day really well. Imagine taking a relaxing and luxurious bath with your significant other. Add a few of the eco-friendly candles and you have yourself a perfect sensual date night.

6. Vegan Condoms

Now I think this is a cheeky one but perfect all the same. I didn't realise that most condoms are in fact not vegan friendly. Of course, everyone has their favourite brands for different reasons.

Hanx is the newest and most popular vegan condom on the market. The branding makes them feel fancy and luxurious. If you want to get frisky with your partner this valentines, vegan condoms are a great and humorous gift.

7. Organic Prosecco

Organic Prosseco is ideal for the date night bubbles to help you and your significant other celebrate your time together. Organic Prosseco can be expensive, but these days you don't need to buy it from a specialist wine store.

You can easily buy organic prosecco from Co-op, Aldi, Asda and Tesco. The cheapest organic prosecco is priced at £7.54 from Aldi.

Eco-friendly Date Night

There are several ways to make your date night more planet-friendly. But here is what my boyfriend and I like to do. We choose to eat in and have a romantic candlelit dinner. Usually, we opt to have either a vegetarian dinner or go down to our local butchers for locally sourced steak and produce. If we are making things really special we head to a local patisserie for an artisan dessert.

Shopping local for your ingredients is an easy and effective way to make your valentines date night unique and planet-friendly. This way you are supporting local businesses as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Tell me in the comments how you like to make your date night more eco-friendly!

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